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Dimensional Lumber

All dimensional lumber is from #1 grades to shop & rough grades. Fire rated lumber and panel available.

  • Build Green – Igloo Building Supplies Group Ltd. uses top quality lumber and panels from only renewable and sustainable mills.


Oriented strand board is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands in specific orientations. Our dimensional OSB is from #1 grades to shop & rough grades.

Plywood & OSB

Plywood is a widely recognized engineered wood-based panel product that has been used in Canadian construction projects for decades. We carry a large selection of plywood from #1 grades to shop & rough grades.

Building Materials



Nordic I-Joists – Nordic residential I-Joists provide cost-effective, strong solutions for today’s larger homes and open floor plans. Nordic offers joists in depths from 9-1/2 through 16 inches, flexible enough to meet the needs of the entry-level through luxury home builders.



Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product comprised of multiple layers of thin wood bonded together with adhesives.

Versa-Lam LVL – An engineered wood product with advantages traditional lumber can’t offer, Versa-Lam LVL is excellent for most load-bearing applications. Remarkably strong and consistent, Versa-Lam LVL is solid, straight and true. Using this product eliminates the need to cull through lumber piles, saving time, money and materials on site.



& Connectors

Engineered Floor Systems

Truss Manufacturing 

We provide a full line of pre-engineered plate-connected trusses, including shop drawings, truss designs, and delivery.

  • Simplicity – Ease of framing vs. conventional stick framing.

  • Versatile: An infinite variety of roof/floor shapes and conditions. Trusses provide more design flexibility, inside and out, that conventional framing. Offering numerous custom design options, our trusses present an economical and structurally superior method for rapid erection.

  • Economical: Reduces interior support walls and foundation costs.

  • Our design capabilities and Mitek Engineering allows us to create trusses from the simplest design to the most complicated. Our trusses are designed to meet all local building codes and we are committed to designing efficient, cost-effective solutions to truss systems. Your order includes an accurate, details placement layout and we can also provide seal truss drawings for building officials.

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Bring in your plans and our experienced team of designers will provide you with engineered drawings for your floor and truss systems. We provide technical expertise to ensure that all loading and codes are met for your area and can get you your quote quickly.

Truss Manufacturing & Design


Our stair manufacturing plant creates stairs that require no screws and are built with tried and truss construction methods of shims and glue to ensure no squeaks and solid foundation. We not only build stairs but can also provide landings, flares and winders to satisfy all plans and codes. Our stair department will work with you to customize construction grade stairs that suit your needs. We provide site measurements to ensure the stairs fit perfectly.

Stair Manufacturing


We Finish Homes. Finishing details create a fashion statement in the home. Igloo Building Supplies Group Ltd. reaches far beyond the home owner’s expectations and provides all of the Superior Brand Selections.

  • We offer a variety of stylish bathware, distinctive doorware, as well as specialty moulding and interior door options, currently displayed in our showroom.

  • We carry an extensive collection of finishing products from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

  • Being a major supplier of finishing products to numerous large home builders throughout Canada, we continue to offer our expertise to multi-family, single-family home builders, and commercial projects.

  • Call an Igloo Finishing Sales-Representative or your Home Builder to arrange a comprehensive look at finishing options available to create a design statement in your home.

Finishing Supplies

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