Transforming Stairs from a Necessity into an Exquisite Feature!

Igloo's stair department specializes in custom construction grade stairs that are professionally built in our manufacturing plant. With many different products to choose from, we can accommodate a wide range of stair selection, materials, and configurations. Igloo stairs are custom built to your desired design and application.

We use tried and true construction methods of shims and glue to ensure no squeaks and a solid foundation. As our Igloo standard, we go above and beyond in our design, materials, and fabrication.

Igloo Building Supplies has manufactured quality stairs for our customers for over 15 years, and we continue to implement the latest technology and construction to ensure a sturdy and high quality product.

Typical Igloo Stair Carpet Ready

Stair Education

Not sure which stair is which? Let us help you! Learn more about the different options you can choose from for your custom stairs:

Open or Enclosed

An open riser staircase features an “open space” in the vertical riser space between the adjacent treads rather than enclosed. This construction offers unobstructed views between steps and is popular in contemporary and modern designs.


A more traditional and classic style of construction is the enclosed stairs. Opposite of the open riser, this is an interior staircase that has a closed stringer on each side and is often encased in walls or partitions.


Different Types of Product

You can select much more than the traditional plywood/OSB staircase. We can supply materials ranging from plywood to exotic wood selections. Exotic wood types can enhance your staircase into a feature piece in your home.

Straight Stairs

This is the most common type of stair construction, however, with the different products and configurations available you can really enhance this classic stair into a piece of art.


Stairs should never be undervalued, a skilled execution and a great design can change your stairs from a necessity into an exquisite feature piece in your home. If you would like to find out more, please call us today! Our team of experts can help you every step of the way to build your dream custom stairs.