Engineered Floor Systems

At Igloo Building Supplies Group Ltd. we offer several options for your engineered floor systems.

Engineered Floor Design

Nordic I-Joists
Nordic residential I-joists provide cost effective, strong solutions for today's larger homes and open floor plans. Nordic offers joists in depths from 9-1/2 through 16 inches, flexible enough to meet the needs of the entry level through luxury home builders.


An engineered wood product with advantages traditional lumber can’t offer, LP LVL is excellent for most load-bearing applications. Remarkably strong and consistent, LP LVL eliminates twisting, shrinking and splitting, and delivers flatter, quieter floors. Using LP LVL alseliminates the need to cull through lumber piles, saving time, money and materials on-site.


Open Joist TRIFORCE®
Open Joist TRIFORCE® is a trimmable all wood open webbed, finger jointed floor truss without metal plate connectors. With the engineering strength of triangulation, Open Joist TRIFORCE® uses solid sawn lumber to its maximum capacity. 


Emercor Insulated Rimboard
EMERCOR's Insulated Rimboard is an integral part in building a better home, delivering comfort, health and energy efficiency to homeowners. Accounting for up to 14 per cent of a home’s total air infiltration, the Insulated Rimboard eliminates air leakage and enables proper workmanship during installation. Truly a time saving material, the Insulated Rimboard turns a three-step process into one easy and sure way to install insulation at the floor system.