Meet the Igloo Sales Team

Founded as a small building supply company almost 60 years ago Igloo Building Supplies Group Ltd. has since grown to over 200 employees in three different locations: Edmonton, Montreal, and Yellowknife. From the supply yard to the main offices, our team of experts keep Igloo Building Supplies running like a fined tuned machine. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, which is why our Sales Team is essential to Igloo's high standards.

Please meet our Edmonton office Sales Team! We have three different sales departments to help cater to our customers better: Lumber, Finishing, and our Northern Sales Division.

Lumber Sales Team

Consisting of 3 Account Managers and 2 Client Specialists, this team focuses on engineered wood products, stairs, wall panels, and design.

Selling both into the Western Arctic and locally, our Account Managers spend half of their days in the office, and the other half travelling to job sites and visiting customers. They are the face of the company and ensure our customers are provided with the best level of service throughout their entire building package.


Alex Voo, Account Manager – Our lumber sales veteran Alex Voo has been with Igloo for 15 years ...
Jason Maheden, Account Manager – Coming from an extensive history in the lumber industry, Igloo
Matt Kratzmann, Account Manager – Matt has worked in sales at Igloo for over 5 years. Originally from Igloo’s




Kassy Bitangcol, Client Specialist – Kassy joined the Igloo team in 2014. Her past experience in sales and   Brittany Boe, Client Specialist – Our newest addition to the lumber sales team, Brittany has been with Igloo 



Finishing Sales Team

Finishing Sales touch into more of the finer details in the home. Being a major supplier of finishing products to numerous large home builders in Edmonton and area, our team of specialists provide expertise and superior knowledge to commercial projects, multi-family builds, and single family homes.


Barry Spurgeon, Account Manager – Barry has been an employee of Igloo for the past 15 years, and together ...   Treena VanHerk, Account Manager – Treena has been a valuable talent to the Igloo finishing team for over    Fred Hilderbrand, Account Manager – Fred first started at Igloo in lumber sales 21 years ago. He ...



Britnee Severson, Client Specialist – Our newest addition to the finishing sales team, Britnee has been ...        




Northern Sales Team

Our Northern Building and Housing Packages experts supply both building materials and finishing for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings in Northern Canada.


Brian Sakovich, Account Manager – Brian has been a respected and loyal employee to Igloo for 23 years  ...   Dale Weller, Account Manager – Dale has been a respected and loyal employee to Igloo for almost 30