Health & Safety

The Igloo Safety Standard

Igloo Building Supplies is committed to health, safety and environment programs that protect employees, customers, vendors and Igloo properties.

Our goal is to provide a healthy and injury-free workplace for everyone and, as such, have set up a number of parameters to ensure just that:

  1. A senior HSE committee, made up of senior management, meets once a month to discuss HSE concerns, and to take action on any identified HSE matters.
  2. An employee-representative HSE committee meets monthly to discuss employee concerns; those concerns are liaised to the senior HSE committee.
  3. Igloo offers a comprehensive modified-work program for those affected by an HSE incident.
  4. Igloo works directly with employees to rehabilitate and return HSE-affected employees to full duties.
  5. Extensive investigation programs are used to review all HSE incidents; the findings educate employees to help them avoid similar incidents in the future.
  6. Safety training programs are offered on a regular basis, including WHMIS, TDG, First Aid and forklift certification.
  7. A workplace violence and harassment policy is in place to protect employees.
  8. Igloo received and maintained a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for our safety program in 2012.

HSE is everyone’s responsibility. This is Igloo’s philosophy—one that is shared by every level of the Igloo organization.