We offer several packages.

Talk to our sales team about the advantage of having Igloo as your supplier for all of your building needs. 

Email or drop off your plans and we can get started. It's that easy.

Packages provided by Igloo are:

  • Lumber
  • Joists, Truss & Stairs
  • Insulation & Drywall
  • Windows & Doors
  • Finishings (locksets, hardward, mouldings & trims)
  • Cabinets (kitchen, countertops, bathroom & office)
  • Exteriors (siding, decking & fencing)

And if labour is an issue for you, we can help refer you to a team of experts who have experience installing our products and services. 

We are taking our years of experience and passing it on to you.

Builders have a great partner in Igloo because we aim to be a Builders Best Resource!