Barry Stewart and the Kids with Cancer Society

Barry Stewart and Igloo Building Supplies Group Ltd. are proud supporters of the Kids with Cancer Society. Over the years Barry Stewart and Igloo have participated in fundraising events held both by the Society, and on Barry's own ventures including his passion for car racing. The past two years Barry Stewart and Team Igloo participated in the Targa Newfoundland Race, a 5 day, 1,500 kilometer race that takes place every year along the rugged coastlines and remote communities in Newfoundland.

After this year's Targa Race, Barry Stewart, Team Igloo, and all of the generous supporters helped raise just over $106,000 to the Kids with Cancer Society. It was a wonderful and memorable day as Barry and Team Igloo handed the big cheque over to the KWCS family. To date, Igloo Building Supplies, with Barry at the helm, helped raise 1.6 million in donations to the Kids with Cancer Society.

"The greatest gifts are those that are given silently and from the heart. For more than 2 decades Barry Stewart has donated more than $1 million dollars to support children with cancer and their families. He does so simply because he wants to make a difference, and what a difference he makes. We love Barry, his huge heart, his community spirit and his desire to help those in need." Val Figliuzzi, Executive Director, KWCS

Barry Stewart and Igloo Building Supplies thank all of our kind supporters for making this memorable experience possible. We look forward to continually showing our support to this great cause.