Igloo Culture of Pride in Work and Facility

Some big changes are happening at Igloo...

...and we are excited to implement new systems in place to help achieve faster production rates and increased efficiency.

It comes as no surprise that the new home construction industry today has completely evolved from what it used to be. The complexity of homes have changed from the traditional stick built on site, to now many building components being prefabricated in shop and delivered to site. Along with this new technology comes an increase in demand and complex build designs. Igloo looks forward to meeting today's demands head on with ingenuity and practice.

Roof trusses especially today can be far from simplistic in design, varying in pitches and different sizes in just one truss. To overcome set up times and truss quality issues, Igloo Building Supplies retrofitted our manual truss tables with an automated jigging system. It produces a perfect truss every time and eliminates 99% of the setup time and all manual jigging. What does this mean? Labour is reduced from almost 40 minutes on one complex truss to only 1 minute. Almost like a puzzle, the jigging table uses a perimeter definition system that lines up for each truss for easy assembly. We have also complemented this system with the addition of a state of the art automated wood processing saw.

"With this new equipment and a few process changes we are hoping to achieve a 20% - 30% increase in overall shop production" - Thomas Rooke, Operations Manager/Manufacturing

Along with our improved truss production, we are also introducing a new Warehouse Management System. Implementing a tracking system of our inventory will drastically improve our inventory accuracy and eliminate any shipment errors. Orders will be delivered efficiently, quicker, and without deviations.

We take pride on our dedication to our valued customers and look forward to continually introduce new and improved processes to meet today's industry demands and ultimately get you into your dream home faster.